Tuesday, August 5, 2014


I'm not exactly sure when it happened, but I have reached so many milestones this summer!!

I now have over one hundred-fifty Facebook fans, over one hundred followers on Bloglovin, more than fifty Blogger followers, and I am on my way to one hundred follwers on TpT.  [SMALL VICTORIES!!]

I started blogging in March, because I love being surrounded by inspiring, passionate teachers. This journey has been so fulfilling and a huge source of encouragement, motivation, and positivity; in one word, I am feeling BLESSED.  Thank you!! LET's CELEBRATE.  Not only is [my entire TpT store] on sale for the Back to School Blast Off Sale...

I also have this fabulous [FREEBIE] for you!! 

Partner List

Partner Lists are amazing!!  They make it so much easier to assign partners throughout the school year AND, getting your Partner Lists set up is a great way to get students up, moving, interacting, and having fun during those first days of school.  Check back soon for more information about the many ways I use my Partner Lists in my classroom.

oh, and my celebration wouldn’t be complete without a blog makeover.  Megan @ [A Bird in Hand Designs] in AMAZING!! 

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