Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Fact. …when people open their mouths to speak, they send more oxygen to the brain AND oxygen is essential to healthy brain development.  Our students NEED to brainstorm and discuss ideas! Talking in the classroom is a good thing!!

To be more specific, teachers should be intentionally challenging students by asking a variety of questions that enable students to use their reasoning, critical-thinking, and creative-thinking skills.  An EXCELLENT way to do this is by using Bloom’s Taxonomy of multi-level questioning. If you are a teacher, you probably know all about Bloom’s taxonomy.  …or at least you remember hearing those words once or twice when you were in college.

I spend a lot of my day asking a variety of questions to further understanding, but do I truly ask questions that require a higher level of thinking?  …not always.  I mean, if I am in the middle of giving instruction, I can’t necessarily know if I am actually hitting ALL SIX types of questioning!!

…so what are GENIUS MOMENTS?

In my classroom, I refer to the unexpected “extra moments” that I find within my schedule as GENIUS MOMENTS! You know what I mean, the three extra minutes you have before the bell rings, or the four extra minutes you have because your students finished their center rotations early. If you are like me, you don’t want to waste one, single minute of classroom instructional time! I turn those extra, unplanned moments into GENIUS MOMENTS!

Brain Building Question Cards.Middle School

Brain Building Question Cards.Middle School.3Brain Building Question Cards.Middle School.4

[Mrs. Ehle’s Kindergarten Connections] and I are working together to bring you a variety of tools, all based on best practices, that can help you make the most of those GENIUS MOMENTS!  The Genius Moments: Brain Building Question Cards are one of those super-simple, yet very impactful tools!  Check out the Middle School Edition [here] and find Mrs. Ehle’s Primary Edition [here]. 

…and be sure to check back for more tools that you can use to turn your unexpected extra moments into GENIUS MOMENTS!


  1. LOVE teaming with you to share our ideas and resources with other teachers k-8! I think all educators WANT to use "best practices" in their classrooms...but can't figure how to make it happen on their own, with the limited time they have! That's why I think "Genius Moments" are PERFECT! Can't wait to share our other upcoming "Genius Moment" activities with the world!!!

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  3. I LOVE the idea of "Genius Moment". I am an upcoming teacher looking for ideas to make my classroom the best I can make it for the students. Having "Genius Moment" to pull out during those extra dangling minutes are a great idea to keep the student's brain a going.