Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I will admit it, I was not brave enough to go all out and commit to using interactive notebooks to teach math this year.  Instead, my students keep all of their foldables and flippables in their Fantastic Math Cheat Sheet Organizer.  Check this thing out!!  With just one fold, a few cuts, and a little glue, students have a mini-book complete with an envelop to store their notes!

Foldable Organizer.1Foldable Organizer.3

Now, I have to be honest,  I cannot take credit for coming up with brilliant idea.  However, I am also unable to give credit where credit is due.  At a conference this fall, I ditched a not-so-great presenter, and happened upon THIS.

Here is how...

Fold the bottom of the envelop to the top of the envelop.  
Fold carefully so that the flap of envelop is still able to be closed.

Foldable Organizer.4

Use scissors to “shave" along the three folds that I have highlighted in the picture.  (This is by far the most challenging step.  I am a huge advocate of "hands-off" moments in my classroom.  Take your "hands-off" your supplies, and have your eyes on me.)  By shaving those three folds, you now have an additional page for gluing your flippables and foldables.  It is important to not shave past the fold that was made in the first step.

Foldable Organizer.5Foldable Organizer.7

Carefully use the smallest bit of liquid glue to seal the fold from Step #1.  This will allow you to still have an envelop for students to store notes that you do not glue in place.

Foldable Organizer.6

With a well-placed single hole punch, you can close all the pages of the 
Fantastic Math Cheat Sheet Organizer with the envelop flap.

BAM!  Decorate, add all the flippables and foldables that create in class, and enjoy!

Foldable Organizer.2

These were easy to make, and they have been a great alternative to going all out with interactive notebooks. ...I would love to jump to an interactive notebook next year.  I have pinned and bookmarked tons of resources, but if you have any advice or resources you are willing to share, I will take it!!

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