Tuesday, July 1, 2014


okay. I am going to put it out there. STANDARDS STRESS ME OUT. ...maybe that isn't totally accurate. It isn't teaching the standards that stresses me out, it is the documenting that I always tend to ignore and then just skip. 

As an Indiana Teacher, we are ditching Common Core next year and using the Indiana College and Career Ready Academic Standards. (...that are really quite similar to Common Core, but okay.)  ...I will also be spending a lot of my time curriculum mapping during the upcoming school year... I am renewing my efforts to pay attention to the standards and document when I teach them. 

My Indiana Academic Standards Binder


I spent quite a bit of time last week organizing the standards into a table that will allow me to note when I teach each standard, when I assess each standard, and record any notes.  I am going to pair my checklists with the Common Core Pacing Guides since they are not yet available with Indiana's new standards.  ...fingers crossed. I am really hoping this is a step in the right direction. 


Indiana Teachers, I have made these fantastic checklists for all grade levels and you can find them [here]. They are even ON SALE through the holiday weekend. HAPPY 4th of JULY!!

How do YOU keep track of standards? Is there something my binder is missing? I would love your suggestions...

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  1. Your checklists look great, but unfortunately I'm in VA. Maybe I can make something similar!

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